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Windows Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing - one of the best Windows blogs on the web - has a very interesting item up about a certain bit of behaviour in Windows 95 I was unaware of. Basically, there's a neat little trick where you can close and move the Start button. It wasn't a feature, but a bug.
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That's a typical approach you're taking to demean me

And once again, I never tried to demean or insult you. Repeatedly accusing me of it doesn't make it true.

but it's not like I care.

Obviously you do, as you keep bringing it up.

Yes, everybody laughed and had a great time in your example but you're only looking at the world through what happened in your class, it just doesn't apply everywhere. In a real world situation, a kid who does something like disabling a handful of computers in a classroom as a 'prank' may be a riot in his/her eyes, but to the adults who live with responsibilities you're not aware of, that prank is a problem. The teacher at that point will either have to double up some kids on the same computer, changing that day's lesson plan on the fly. Of if enough computers are out of service, cancel hands-on lessons for just book lessons.

Except you weren't there so you just make up some bullshit about classes being canceled and educational opportunities lost. How about once everyone was done laughing, we spent five minutes fixing it and moved on with life?

I also contracted with several community centers, and there were actually numerous instances when evening ESL or GED classes had to be rescheduled because some kids thought it was funny to do something like steal all the rubber balls out of the computer mice in day classes.

Which is actual vandalism and something I would never have done. If you see theft and destruction of property the same as a temporary software setting, no wonder this whole discussion is going downhill fast.

So yeah, your rose-colored idealism about what life SHOULD be is great, but reality always requires compromises when you grow up and get saddled with responsibilities, and that's the point I guess I failed to make clear about 'perspective'.

Finally we agree! Yes, life is full of responsibility and the need for mature actions. But if you don't make room for a little levity in your life, you will likely never be happy. I hope you find happiness in life someday.

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