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Hardware, Embedded Systems No matter where you look these days, there's a profound sense here in the west that the people no longer having any tangible control over what our governments do. Sure, we are allowed to vote every once in a while, but effectively, most of our countries are governed by backroom deals and corporate interests. If matters really do get out of hand, how do we fight this? Well, with technology of course!
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Gullible Jones
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I hope you're not making the statement I think you are. Because if you are, you are damaging the credibility of the community here.

P.S. why the hell did anyone mod you up?

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Sodki Member since:

Apart from the grouping of "the wise guys" regarding ethnicity and religion, I actually agree with him.

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Gullible Jones Member since:

That was the part I considered damaging.

Anyway, maybe I'm dense but I don't see why grand, sweeping conspiracies need to be invoked to explain the gradual corruption and failure of a republic. Similar things have happened before.

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