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Privacy, Security, Encryption According to Microsoft, Google is circumventing the P3P third party cookie standard. P3P is kind of an odd standard (complex, not user-friendly, and it requires some serious computer knowledge to know what the heck it actually does and means), but hey, what the heck. Of course, Microsoft rides on the coattails of what happened over the weekend, and it's clear PR because not only has this been known for years, Google is - again - not the only one doing this; Facebook, for instance, does the same thing (and heck, Microsoft's own sites were found guilty). Still, this is not acceptable, and even if it takes Microsoft PR to get there, let's hope this forces Google and Facebook to better their ways.
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by stabbyjones on Tue 21st Feb 2012 00:16 UTC
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A company that relies on tracking habits to target advertising to users, trying to avoid tracking protection? Well I never!

They are all just as bad one another these days, I'm sure people would be more outraged if they even knew what this actually mean't.

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RE: expectations
by cyrilleberger on Tue 21st Feb 2012 07:42 in reply to "expectations"
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According to google (see it is the only way to implement the "+1" button. If they are right, it is unlikely they will change their practice... until a better solution is found to that problem.

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RE[2]: expectations
by arpan on Tue 21st Feb 2012 08:31 in reply to "RE: expectations"
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ummm... if they were using it only for the +1 button and not for tracking, could they not have used the P3P standard to specify that, and then IE would have accepted that and allowed them to set a cookie?

Not sure if it is possible, but it seems like it ought to be.

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