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ReactOS Now this is what I like to see. Smaller, alternative operating systems have been dying by the dozens these past 6 years or so, so in order for the remainder to survive, they need to work together. ReactOS and Haiku have been doing that for a while now, and the latest fruits of this collaboration is a much-improved USB stack for ReactOS.
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by Coxy on Tue 21st Feb 2012 18:59 UTC
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By the time reactos actually makes it to 1.0 (about the same time windows 28 gets released), microsoft will probably be giving away the code for to windows 2000/XP etc. with copies of windows 28 in some kind of virtual machine for nostalgic reasons.

I'm sure that when using windows 28, which will no doubt come as some kind of optical implant/HUD system for your eyes, people will be still be hoping for an open source version of windows 2000...

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RE: hmmm...
by lucas_maximus on Tue 21st Feb 2012 20:36 in reply to "hmmm..."
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No it won't ... what f--king fantasy land are you living in?

Windows Apps for business are carefully checked for compatibility with new Windows. This includes undocumented features. It takes years (the company until recently I worked for has only just started their Windows 7 migration).

I love these "All businesses will move if this ... " ... without taking in that their IT employees have to move 1000s of users over very very slowly.

If anything is going to be run that is legacy to "Windows 28" it will be run in a VM by Quantum Computers that is managed by skynet most likely ;-)

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