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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Take this as a sign of things to come in the land of convergence. Yesterday, Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for Android. This new product basically allows you to run the entire Ubuntu Linux distribution on your Android smartphone connected to an external display and keyboard and mouse.
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RE: Battery drain?
by lemur2 on Wed 22nd Feb 2012 22:11 UTC in reply to "Battery drain?"
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Since Ubuntu will be running along with Android on the phone, the question that will have to be addressed is how significant will the drain be on the battery? I have an older Android phone (Galaxy S Showcase). While the battery will usually last me throughout the entire day, I cannot imagine how much juice would be required if the phone were actually running multiple OS's on it at the same time.

When looking at the battery consumption, the top 4 items are:
Display 29%
Cell standby: 19%
Wi-Fi: 15%
Android OS: 12%

The above are without me having really done anything with my phone (such as browsing the web, sending texts, etc...) today. Adding an additional OS would surely jump up the drain by the OS's by a significant amount.

FTA: Ubuntu runs on the same kernel as Android. You aren't adding another OS, merely another desktop program. In this case, the desktop program is called Unity.

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