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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly BSD 3.0 was released today, bringing the improved performance on MP systems (MP kernel became the default one in ths release), TrueCrypt-compatible disk encryption, enhanced POSIX compatibility and other improvements. The next big thing for the project will be the major revision of the HAMMER file system (HAMMER2). The DragonFly founder Matthew Dillon said it to be the main focus of his effort for the whole yaer, though the full implementation is expected only in 2013.
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RE: Kudos
by laffer1 on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 15:26 UTC in reply to "Kudos"
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At the moment, DragonFly has the most interesting development, but in terms developer activity, they're not number one. DragonFly is less active than the big 3 and certainly more active than my BSD project or MirBSD due to resource differences.

DragonFly is doing one thing right, they've got a few people focused on new features and a few people to do the grunt work. The latter allow Matt to focus on HAMMER and SMP work. I can tell you that most of my time is spent just trying to keep up on hardware support, contrib software and ports. It's hard to innovate and we've really only done it with our package system so far.

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