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Multimedia, AV On my mark... Get set... Start not caring! Adobe has announced it plans to discontinue the stand-alone Flash Player for Linux, instead focussing all its effort on the version available through the Pepper API - which, besides Chrome, no one else is going to support.
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well the thing is Adobe are RETARDS
by JOKe on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 15:43 UTC
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Yes indeed I dont think here we have other issue then the simple fact that adobe are complete idiots.
THey have a platform that runs on 99% of the PCs and a big junk of Android and other smartphones and what they do ?they stoping android version they are now stoping linux version they are killing there own bussines TOTAL idiots indeed. Ok they dont want to push more money in Flash plugin since HTML5 is good well good but why they stop flash plugins from android linux and etc ? CUZ they are what ??? I told that already IDIOTS.

Thats why we should not use software of some strange shitty companies like Adobe or Microsoft or ... well companies that stops products, products that we like and use and even make money on top of them.

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Comment by zima
by zima on Tue 28th Feb 2012 05:52 in reply to "well the thing is Adobe are RETARDS"
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In your "wisdom" you don't seem to realize that Adobe doesn't get money from flash players - they get it from production and distribution tools ...they might very well continue being strong in those, if only thanks to momentum
(and, now, possibly also tricking the people who care about such stuff into admiring Adobe, for embracing & pushing HTML5)

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