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Multimedia, AV On my mark... Get set... Start not caring! Adobe has announced it plans to discontinue the stand-alone Flash Player for Linux, instead focussing all its effort on the version available through the Pepper API - which, besides Chrome, no one else is going to support.
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It's not slow for me. Sorry you've had such a bad experience.

You seem to be the only person on this site that seems apologetic for Flash, but my terrible experience with flash extends to Windows and Macs for more then a decade on Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, Firefox, iCab, Konqueror and Opera. I've yet to have a good experience with it. I hate that Youtube decided to use Flash as a video host else flash would have died 5 years ago, now that Google has WebM and H.264 video and many phones and tablets don't have Flash these days it's days are finally numbered.

So what's so special about you that you have no trouble with this once again useless piece of shit?

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I work in a office with 100 people that are constantly using flash. It is one of the few pieces of software that does work reliably.

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So what's so special about you that you have no trouble

Maybe he doesn't scapegoat all the ills (up to, say, pebkac) he was unable to troubleshoot (if any) onto flash?
And then, you mention schizoid motifs...

While desktop browser implementations of HMTL5 video actually tend to manage being bigger hogs that Flash (well, Windows one), often a difference between non- and usability, on slower machines.
And then, there's embedded Flash behind things like Leapster (a small handheld console); also probably in more mobiles than all smartphones combined, and offering the smoothest experience out of available ~runtimes on such.

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