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by antik on Fri 24th Feb 2012 20:57 UTC
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Why use physical hardware for hosting when virtualizaion and clustering would be cheaper and more reliable. Our servers got all n+1 PSU, RAID1 SAS drives with battery backed raid controller. And all servers work in cluster- when some hardware come down, there would be just VM machines moving to other cluster nodes or in case of total destruction just restoring latest backup to other node. Of course there is multiple internet connections available and network cards bonded together. High Availability options available if needed- you'll get multiple virtual machines mirroring each other.

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RE: raid?
by Lennie on Sat 25th Feb 2012 12:45 in reply to "raid?"
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There are lots of ways that virtualization can go wrong, there are many failure modes.

With a dedicated server the customer knows exactly what they are getting, it is very predictable.

Especially if the custumer already needs more than one server of each service anyway (multiple webservers and multiple database servers for example).

With virtualization the customer depends on the provider getting all of it right. The customer can't see what they are doing (wrong).

It depends on the requirements of the customer.

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