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Multimedia, AV An interesting anecdote at MinimalMac about television being broken. The author's young daughter, who is growing up in a Netflix/Hulu/iTunes/etc. household, was confronted with actual TV for the first time, and wonders why she can't pick what to watch, why the shows are being interrupted all the time, and so on. Clearly - TV is broken.
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by Vanders on Sat 25th Feb 2012 10:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ."
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Then the answer is not to deal with the "big media companies". I'd reckon Google are big enough to produce their own content.

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by Lennie on Sat 25th Feb 2012 12:15 in reply to "RE[4]: ."
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The efforts from Google are called YouTube and GoogleTV.

Google understands they have no knowledge about content production, but they can be the infrastructure and payment system.

YouTube has many programs where content producers can make money. From revenue sharing of ads displayed on the videos (Youtube partner-program), encouragement programs for people starting out and projects with money up front to create content.

There is a whole business around Youtube, just as an example there are studios setup by people who are already making money on YouTube. This isn't just a bedroom or basement, these are regurlar studios with 50+ people on payroll (not as large as some of the film stuios ofcourse).

A lot of large studios producing content for TV or film also want to get on Youtube, most of those projects fail miserably because they don't understand the medium.

GoogleTV so far was their attempt at getting the big industry on board and merging existing TV and Youtube, I guess that hasn't worked so well yet.

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