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Multimedia, AV An interesting anecdote at MinimalMac about television being broken. The author's young daughter, who is growing up in a Netflix/Hulu/iTunes/etc. household, was confronted with actual TV for the first time, and wonders why she can't pick what to watch, why the shows are being interrupted all the time, and so on. Clearly - TV is broken.
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RE: The solution
by Fergy on Sat 25th Feb 2012 22:22 UTC in reply to "The solution"
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The solution is to include more product marketing inside movies and series.

Everybody remember how well fitted Windows 7 on Smallville, OS/2 on GoldenEye 007, Target on Josie and the Pussicats, Lenovo on Transfomers 8, FedEx on Castaway.... yes.. that's the future ;)

Want to hear something really stupid/funny? When I watched Castaway I had never heard of FedEx. I thought they made up a dumb but comical name because they couldn't use a real company's name.

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