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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Don't expect RIM to open source its entire operating system, or its radio stack. But the original smartphone company is gambling its future success on open source, and it has an expert on board to help. Mary Branscombe asked Senior Technical Director for Open Software, Eduardo Pelegri Llopart, where open source fits in at RIM."
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by fran on Sun 26th Feb 2012 22:06 UTC
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RIM has a terrific product in the Playbook.
If RIM fails it will be down to the economy i think.
Open source is not right for RIM. Reason is black berry services on it's own will not sustain the company in it's current form.
It does not make any other products like HP.
It does not have a advertising business model like Google.
Who will maintain the backend of Blackberry services with so much open source devices from other manufacturers floating around. Will it bring an inconsistent experience? Will you have to charge for it? Or just let that part go.
You can't compete with Asian manufacturers.
Open source will only be a RIM deathbed option whereby the companies revenue is so reduced that it can actually make money from third party manufacturers using Blackberry services and licensing patents.

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RE: no
by cdude on Mon 27th Feb 2012 03:58 in reply to "no"
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It's very unlikely that they will do nothing but Blackberry mail services for something that targets the consumer-market.

That free and libre Software and making money out of it does not exclude each other was proven last but not last by the market-leader Android. Also its not all black or white. You can combine both worlds like its also done on Android (yes, you can pay for apps even there and they are making money with that!).

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