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Windows Metro is beautiful and elegant. It works wonders on my HTC HD7, and I'm pretty darn sure it's going to work just many wonders on tablets later this year. However, Microsoft also expects us to use Windows 8's Metro on our desktops with mice and keyboards - and in that scenario, I can't really see it work any wonders. The Verge user Sputnik8 decided to see what Metro would look like applied to a more regular desktop. The results are... Stunning.
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RE[2]: blows away my patience
by bassbeast on Mon 27th Feb 2012 00:42 UTC in reply to "RE: blows away my patience"
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But that is assuming corporate culture don't choke the life out of it. take the "Tiny" Windows for an example, one little hacker has released versions of Windows since Win2K that frankly stomps both Windows Embedded AND WinFLP while having more application support AND a nicer UI, why doesn't MSFT simply learn from this guy?

Simple because as we saw with the discussion over the start button EVERYTHING goes through committees and meetings and gets fed up and down the chain with everyone getting their two cents in until its all a watered down mess.

Look while we all know Metro COULD be great what most likely will happen is the exact opposite of what they have been doing for a decade. Whereas before they put the desktop on the cell phone, complete with teeny tiny start button, well now they are gonna put the cell phone on the desktop. What's that you say? that's stupid? It makes no sense? Welcome to corporate culture where things have to have "synergy" and "Vertical integration potential" and the Peter principle is practically a way of life. mark my words, Win 8 is gonna finally kill those WinME jokes as it'll make Vista look like Win95, its gonna be a mess. The corporate culture there is simply too ingrained for anything truly innovative not to be choked to death.

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