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SCO, Caldera, Unixware SCO has denied that the recent leaked memo has undermined their case against IBM that Linux contains code from SCO UNIX,
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Why would IBM literally copy ancient crappy scox code, then obfuscate that code; when it would be much easier to just write much better new code?

You have no idea if scox code is crappy or not, unless you have seen it yourself, but your point is valid: scox did claim to have proof of millions of literally copied lines of code. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

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You have no idea if scox code is crappy or not, unless you have seen it yourself

Scox's R&D budget is essentially zero. Scox has done very little to improve their products over the years. Almost all of scox's "improvements" come from scox including open-source products such as apache. Scox's revenue for their products has been declining steadily for years. Even acording to scox, almost all sales come from updating legacy products for existing customers. Scox's products are consistantly rated as second rate. SVR4, is an old system, which has been substantially improved over the years - but not by scox. Scox has never developed their own OS.

Compare this to IBM, a company which over 40 years developed an OS which is fairly advanced even by today's standards. A company which has developed over a dozen OSes, and currently markets several. By any measure, one of the greatest technology companies that has ever existed.

And IBM is going to go though the risk, and the trouble of stealing code from scox, and that obfuscte that code? Not likely.

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Yes, one of the greatest companies... and for a time, a possibly unethical monopoly. The way I understand the history of computing, the reason we use Windows is because it ran on IBM PCs, and the reason we all run IBM PCs is that the business market as a whole didn't trust or take microcomputers seriously until IBM made their own PC.

They're a lot smaller (or at least comparatively) and less powerful now.

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