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General Development "In this blog post (and the one that will follow) we'd like to introduce a few of the broad reaching experience improvements that we've delivered in Visual Studio 11. We've worked hard on them over the last two years and believe that they will significantly improve the experience that you will have with Visual Studio."
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RE[3]: Look what we've done
by henderson101 on Tue 28th Feb 2012 21:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Look what we've done"
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You simply have to recompile and they work fine and dandy
even in XE2 assuming you have the source, and most 3rd party components include the source, and if you doing run time you just have to recompile the package.

This is a nice claim, but my experience was that Delphi shops tend to stick on a known good version for years (I was still using Delphi 5 in 2006.) It was never fun getting Delphi 6+ code to compile, but gosh darn it, we did.

Delphi XE2 is really nice and I would take it and the native single exe applications it creates any day over Visual Studio .not.

Delphi was nice, but it doesn't have half the polish that .Net does. Linq and Reflection alone crap all over Delphi as I last used it. The VCL is crumbly and old. It has some serious design flaws, some stuff (BPL) were crap and unreliable.

Most developers simply do not use BPL for run time packages since you can compile everything right into the exe.

You can do this with .net. You can pre Jit it, combine all of the assemblies in to one and even AOT compile it.

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