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Windows There's a lot of news coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, but since we can't compete with the well-funded gadget blogs, I suggest you read up on the details at The Verge (or Engadget). One thing stood out to me, though. While the entire industry is moving towards more cores, more megapixels, more gigahertz, more display inches - Microsoft is doing the exact opposite. Windows Phone has been updated and optimised to run on slower hardware.
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RE[4]: Bad move
by delta0.delta0 on Wed 29th Feb 2012 08:18 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Bad move"
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If your buying a smart phone, just for phone calls there is no point. Browsing the web on a near 720p display using your phone is something you will never return from, its absolutely awesome. Your phone doesn't support it therefore it must be a useless feature right ?

Where does it support nfc ? proof please.

WP does support multitasking, just not for 3rd party applications

So therefore it does not support proper multitasking, extending battery life ? Thats just such a lame excuse, my nexus runs 2 days without a charge using it moderately, 1 day with heavy activity (i mean watching films etc) and thats with proper multitasking and a 720p display, its battery life is better than my nokia n95.

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RE[5]: Bad move
by HappyGod on Wed 29th Feb 2012 08:35 in reply to "RE[4]: Bad move"
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Mango with NFC:

The reason nobody has implemented NFC is because nobody cares about it.

It's going to be important one day, but that day is not here yet.

Your phone doesn't support it therefore it must be a useless feature right?

I don't use a WP7, I have an iPhone4S and 720p on a phone is a total waste of resources.

The human eye cannot detect pixel densities at that level, so any "absolutely awesome" effects you think you are experiencing are smoke and mirrors.

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RE[6]: Bad move
by delta0.delta0 on Wed 29th Feb 2012 19:01 in reply to "RE[5]: Bad move"
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Nobody cares about nfc, yet the nokia n9 which the lumia 800 is a copy of does have nfc support , so its not important, but nokia thought it important enough to include in the N9. Also in that article you linked to:

... though changes are that the OS might have to strengthen the security capabilities that revolve around this technology.
Previously, Nokia said that it planned the release of NFC-enabled Windows Phones on the US market, and it appears that we’re moving closer to when that would happen.

The lumia 900 still doesn't seem to have nfc support, wonder what the hold up is.

The galaxy nexus with its 720p display has a ppi density less than that of the iphone 4 / 4s ... Also next time your in a phone shop pick up a windows phone and go to and pick up a galaxy nexus and repeat the same test, put them side by side look at the rendering. Unless you have particulary poor eye sight there is a very real and noticeable difference.

The higher resolution provides more rendered text which in turn means less scrolling and better rendering. I have done that comparison several times and there is a very real and noticeable difference, especially also in the gmail client, its fantastic on the galaxy nexus, enough screen real estate to compose an email and see what your writing.

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