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Hardware, Embedded Systems This morning, I experienced the nerd equivalent of a Black Friday $50 iPad sale. At 07:00 CET, the first batch of the much-anticipated Raspberry Pi went on sale, and while Raspberry Pi itself was very properly prepared, the two large international retailers actually selling the device weren't - despite warnings from Raspberry Pi about the enormous amount of traffic that would come their way, the two sites crumbled to dust within seconds. There's good news too - the cheaper model A has seen its RAM doubled at no additional cost.
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RE: Only for companies?
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 29th Feb 2012 09:59 UTC in reply to "Only for companies?"
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I ordered as an individual...

EDIT: Well, I did add OSNews Inc., but they didn't ask for any company ID or whatever. I also have my own company in case they were to complain.

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RE[2]: Only for companies?
by Andre on Wed 29th Feb 2012 10:06 in reply to "RE: Only for companies?"
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When I click personal pre-order, I get a list of countries. ( Which one did you select? As the European countries listed are mostly East-European, and the site that appears when I click one of those is in a language I cannot read.

(When I try to look at it again... I get the gateway timeout again.)

Edit: I got family and friend who own companies... so it wouldn't be that much of a problem either.

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RE[2]: Only for companies?
by Morgan on Wed 29th Feb 2012 10:25 in reply to "RE: Only for companies?"
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After 45 minutes of frustration reloading Farnell's product page, I was finally able to secure a pre-order. I had no problems due to being in the U.S. apart from the current exchange rate giving me a cost of ~$42, and for the required Company Name I just used my legal name. They accepted my order and I got a confirmation email.

I certainly don't hold the foundation at fault for the SNAFU, they went above and beyond in their efforts to make sure the launch went smoothly. Once the tide of drooling geeks has ebbed, we should be able to start placing regular orders, maybe as early as April.

I'm really looking forward to getting my unit in a month or so, and depending on how successful it proves for each of the projects I'll be throwing at it I will be ordering several more boards this year.

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RE[3]: Only for companies?
by henderson101 on Wed 29th Feb 2012 11:11 in reply to "RE[2]: Only for companies?"
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I'm no expert, but I'd guess you possibly paid VAT (sales TAX) at 20% (current UK rate.) You might want to verify that, as you will potentially get stung again when importing this item unless you can prove you already paid Tax on it. You may also be able to claim the Tax back as a non EU resident.

(This is based on (35 * 1.20 == 42) .. might just be a coincidence of course.)

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