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Windows I'm swamped with real-world work at the moment, so you'll have to settle for this quickie: the consumer preview for Windows 8 has been released. Go get it and report in what you find!
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RE: Here we go Vista again
by modmans2ndcoming on Thu 1st Mar 2012 02:24 UTC in reply to "Here we go Vista again"
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I think the UI change is staying.... Linux will be the only desktop OS that has a UI that can be referred to as classic WIMP. OS X is doing what Windows has done.

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RE[2]: Here we go Vista again
by Lennie on Thu 1st Mar 2012 10:29 in reply to "RE: Here we go Vista again"
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Linux is for WIMPs ?

Ohh, boy some people are gonna have a fieldday with that.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

In case you were not being facetious.

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RE[2]: Here we go Vista again
by Phloptical on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 01:55 in reply to "RE: Here we go Vista again"
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Yeah, unfortunately I think you're right. MS has developed this apple-esque "Our Way or the Highway" attitude, as of late. Which I wouldn't really have a problem with, except for the fact that they're forcing some really ass-backward, god awful designs on the public.

But seriously, if MS wants this thing to go anywhere in the corporate IT world, it sure as hell better allow the disabling of Metro, and a return to the orb and start menu.

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