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Windows I'm swamped with real-world work at the moment, so you'll have to settle for this quickie: the consumer preview for Windows 8 has been released. Go get it and report in what you find!
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Well, I thought they would do for workstation-like setup:

Tablet with docking station is equivalant with 2 screens, one touchscreen and one normal screen.

Leave the metro interface on the touchscreen for starting applications/seeing status of number of emails/clock/stockticker/whatever.

And show the desktop on the big screen and work on that with a keyboard/mouse.

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That would've been an interesting use case for bridging the experience between tablet and traditional PC. Unfortunately what they've actually done is saddled the traditional PC with an overengineered interface full of metaphor shear in a misguided attempt to shoehorn all devices into a unified environment.

The simple fact MS is missing is that people whose computing needs are filled by tablets and mobile devices will just buy devices and tablets. They don't need their desktops to mimic those devices because, quite honestly, they don't need their desktops anymore at all in a lot cases.

The people who will still be buying desktops, who will always be out there contrary to what some crack smoking tech bloggers may think, will be doing so largely because tablets and such don't fit their needs. They don't want to be hampered by interfaces that were clearly not built around their use cases. They certainly don't want to waste time and energy relearning their workflow because some monkey thought it'd be a brilliant idea to try and force convergence along.

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"That would've been an interesting use case for bridging the experience between tablet and traditional PC."

That was my thought on what Microsoft is trying to do.

I think that is what Canonical is also trying to do with Ubuntu on Android.

It might turn out to be a stupid choice or a smart choice bij Microsoft. Atleast they tried to do something, they probably felt they needed to come up with something as the smartphone and tablet market are very large.

I still think it makes some sense IF someone can get it right. Maybe the Ubuntu solution is the way to go: add a second interface, don't try to combine to much.

A bluetooth keyboard and mouse, wifi for networking and only connecting a big screen to a device you already have doesn't sounds all that alien to me.

There are a lot of companies dealing with issues about how to go deal with "bring your own device".

I wouldn't be surprised if you'll see a lot of terminal server/remote desktop/desktop virtualisation/whatever as well.

Only time will tell.

Metro might be the wrong idea, which is interresting.

Windows Vista was a mis, Windows 7 seems to be a hit, Windows 8 might be a miss, this looks like a pattern.

However things pan out, it is always an interresting development with so many things going on to see one of the biggest players possible getting it wrong.

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