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Hardware, Embedded Systems Raspberry Pi project leader Eben Upton talks about the state of Raspberry Pi, and tells us that yes -- finally -- they now have distributors in the U.S. and other countries instead trying to ship every unit from the U.K. Even better, instead of buying a batch of boards, selling them, and only then ordering another batch, the new distribution agreements mean they can keep a steady flow of orders coming in and going out.
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DIY godsend
by stabbyjones on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 00:35 UTC
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pi 1: webserver. (debian)
pi 2: plugged into my tv. (debian/android)
pi 3: i'll get a case and look at using it as a mobile media device. Car, lounge, work etc... get some bluetooth happening and that could be free up my phone.

Get a usb touch screen on one of these bad boys and you are set!

If only they would actually sell one to me now...

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RE: DIY godsend
by Morgan on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 01:11 in reply to "DIY godsend"
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I'm looking at this one myself:

I like the form factor and the price. Do you happen to know the cost of the unit you listed? Alibaba won't show me a price without giving my email address.

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RE: DIY godsend
by daedalus on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 08:40 in reply to "DIY godsend"
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Yep, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one and using it for some DIY stuff... I miss the userport! Have done plenty of hardware stuff on Amigas and the likes, but this really looks to be actually designed for that sort of thing!

A nice touchscreen LCD is a great idea, though for simpler applications, CrystalFontz ( make some fantastic modules for projects like these...

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RE[2]: DIY godsend
by Morgan on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 15:29 in reply to "RE: DIY godsend"
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Thank you for the link! I believe I have one of their 16x2 backlit boards in the parts bin, though I got it secondhand.

Now that I think of it, at the part time job I've got a ton of 7" LCDs from some non-working Coby portable DVD players. I wonder how hard it would be to figure out how to address one of those...HDMI is probably out of the question but the RPi does have that handy composite out! In fact, I believe the RPi will fit very well in the DVD player shell.

This is going to be so much fun!

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