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OSNews, Generic OSes MINIX 3.2.0 stable is released. Major features include: Asynchronous, multithreaded virtual file system (VFS) server, Better reliability, Better virtualization support, and much more.
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Oh, the great debates?

This doesn't suggest that they don't get along. It only proves that they have different opinions regarding the design of os kernels.

Of course professors can be wrong but they usually aren't ;) .

Professor Andrew seems to be even more humble than Linus.

Using git has nothing to do with the architecture of os kernels so I don't see the irony.

If Andrew started accepting monothilic kernel designs in his kernel then that would be ironic.

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Sometimes a joke is just a joke...

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Sometimes a bad joke is just a bad joke...

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Considering that VxWorks and QNX are very successful micro kernel OSs, that both Microsoft and Apple have a partial micro kernel approach in their OS, I would say that Andrew was/is quite right.

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Remember also, with this particular holy war, such gems as L4 ("one billion L4 kernels" in Qualcomm-based mobiles 1.5 year ago, who knows how much now ) or INTEGRITY (flew a modern airliner or... jet fighter lately? )

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