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Windows By all early reports, Windows 8 is going to be a good operating system. Microsoft's hegemony may be crumbling in a mobile computing onslaught, but its core empire remains undimmed. However, whereas Windows 7 had three versions, Windows 8 will apparently be ballooning to 9 versions.
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RE[2]: Dun' matter.
by Jack Burton on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 17:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Dun' matter."
Jack Burton
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It does matter when they arbitrarily remove and cripple the OS solely for the purpose of differentiating the versions. What physical limitation is there about Starter edition that makes it impossible to change the wallpaper, and that the SHA1 of the default wallpaper is encoded into shell32.dll so that you can’t swap the default wallpaper file?

It's a pretty standard business practice. IBM started doing this eons ago with server hardware.
SAN vendors do this regularily (want more features from your iron? Pay more bucks and they'll unlock the feature).
When you buy a QLogic Fibre Channel switch you have 16 physical ports, but only some are enabled, depending on how much you paid. Want more ports ? Pay a bit more.
They intentionally cripple the features solely for the purpose of differentiating the price.
For hardware it sounds even more weird than for software, but it works like this.

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