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OSNews, Generic OSes MINIX 3.2.0 stable is released. Major features include: Asynchronous, multithreaded virtual file system (VFS) server, Better reliability, Better virtualization support, and much more.
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RE[10]: Comment by broken_symlink
by renox on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 19:45 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Comment by broken_symlink"
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This is obviously not a performance issue, but a stability issue.
In your post you were complaining both of a performance issue and a crash issue.

If the issue was isolated to a single subsystem e.g sound driver, then the system would be able to restart the sound driver in a microkernel design
Maybe, but I remember an issue with a firmware(driver?) where a SoundBlaster hogged the PCI bus, similar bus issues on a telecom equipment, temperature issues causing crashes, DMA issues (IO-MMU are still disabled because they're too buggy AFAIK): all these issues cannot be solved by microkernels.

When did minix 3 start out? How long did it take for linux to become relevant?

The Hurd was started a long time ago, it never became relevant despiste being "micro-kernelish", I wish Minix3 better luck, we'll see but remember that historically a better design isn't enough to be successful.
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