Linked by David Adams on Thu 1st Mar 2012 22:39 UTC, submitted by Fabrice Mous
GNU, GPL, Open Source The Dutch LinuxMagazine translated an interview (direct PDF link) from their magazine with Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director Open Source Communities at Microsoft into English. Many of your readers are probably wondering, is Microsoft really involved in open source these days, or is there more to it? Fabrice Mous started his conversation with Mr. Rabellino to get to know him better, but also to ask him some pressing questions about Microsoft's policies towards open source and open standards. It turned out to be an interesting, but certainly quite critical conversation, that will probably lead to some discussion.

We would very much like to hear your opinion on the open source policy of Microsoft.

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RE[2]: free Visual studio
by Valhalla on Sat 3rd Mar 2012 15:55 UTC in reply to "RE: free Visual studio"
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Visual Studio Express is not crippled, you can write any type of program you want, you have full access to the full .net framework.

Yes it is crippled, they have removed powerful optimizations such as profile guided optimization and link time optimization and also openmp.

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RE[3]: free Visual studio
by BluenoseJake on Mon 5th Mar 2012 11:39 in reply to "RE[2]: free Visual studio"
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Once again, useful, but not required to write apps. You can use a 3rd party profiler. Or you could, buy something.

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