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Apple Apple has announced an iPad event for March 7 - iPad 3, obviously. The invitation clearly shows a high-resolution display, and some argue it's missing a home button (we'll see). If this really has a 2048x1536 resolution... What do you mean, leap-frogging the 'competition'. So, anybody want to buy a relatively pristine iPad 2 with grey smart cover? Comes with the box and warranty and everything?
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RE[2]: Dammit
by zima on Sun 4th Mar 2012 09:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Dammit"
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Hm, Parinirvana ("Nirvana Day") does seem fairly close to iPad unveilings...

And Asala - Dharma Day ("The anniversary of the start of Buddha's teaching"), in July, is around the time of traditional iPhone launch dates.

(BTW, I really sort of wish to see, one day, the end of ~"Understand that the world owes you zilch" being thrown around ...that, determining how much the world ~owes you, is essentially the whole idea behind money, and also with plenty of less tangible perk, social interactions, and so on - a major part of our universal desire & drive for higher social status, is, ultimately, increasing the chances of others doing things for us even on a whim of ours; that seems to be the "optimal" state of affair for us - so it's also natural to be too ~eager, for our present influence)

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