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Windows Wednesday was the big day for Microsoft - the largest overhaul of its operating system since Windows 95 (heck, I'd argue the overhaul is far larger than Windows 95) went into consumer preview. I've been running it on my Asus ZenBook since its release, and in all honesty, it's not as arduous as I expected. I'm not planning on doing a full review, but I do want to mention a number of things - both positive and negative - that stood out to me.
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RE[4]: Fast.....But
by kedwards on Mon 5th Mar 2012 02:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Fast.....But"
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I mean this in all due respects but how does it disrupt the work flow? it is no different than if I clicked on Launchpad so I am confused as to how it can be disruptive - please elaborate.

I have heard the same argument across the web, some people feel switching back and forth from "legacy desktop" to the metro desktop is counter productive. A lot of people are wondering why do they have to leave one desktop to launch a program just to end back up in the original desktop they were working on in the first place.

Another thing that is really ticking off some people is that Microsoft is forcing people to use the new UI without the option to use the old UI. In the past Microsoft allowed to customize the desktop UI experience. In Windows 95 you had an option to use the Windows 3x Program Manager, Windows XP (and Vista) you were able to customize the start menu to look like Windows 9x.

I honestly think Microsoft should provide their user base with an option on which desktop they want to use with the ability to switch back and forth if they choose to. This is one thing I think Apple is shinning on right now. All the new features of Lion (and soon Mountain Lion) are optional with the option to be able to either turn them off or not use them at all.

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RE[5]: Fast.....But
by dsmogor on Tue 6th Mar 2012 17:11 in reply to "RE[4]: Fast.....But"
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I guess they will ultimately do just that after huge outcry in SP1.

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