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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y On the heels of yesterday's launch of Windows 8's preview, new statistics show that Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP again plummeted in usage share and will be surpassed by Windows 7 in June.
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RE[2]: Server market share?
by rekabis on Mon 5th Mar 2012 06:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Server market share?"
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I visit websites from a server. Call it a quirk of unusual hardware that has forced this particular choice of software.

For my primary daily-driver workstation (my heavy lifter is a different story) I have a server-class dual-processor Xeon 603/604 motherboard, but it can only take two 32-bit hyperthreaded Xeon processors for a total of 4 “cores” (the Intel chipset has the 1MB L3 cache limit for processors). Let me be clear: It CANNOT take 64-bit Xeon processors, due to chipset limitations. On the other hand, it can take up to 12GB of memory (6×2GB PC3200 ECC Reg RAM), and I’ve actually installed that.

XP can only see up to 3.5GB at the most, but Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition can see up to 16GB of RAM. Ergo, I have Win2k3r2 installed so that I can make use of the full amount of RAM.

The big bonus is that Win2k3r2 is the first Windows O/S that has been able to successfully handle my ATI Radeon HD 4650 AGP video card in dual-head (2 monitor) mode through a 4-port, 2-head KVM without blowing its cookies every time it tries to install the driver. No other version of Windows to date has been able to handle that video setup successfully, especially after changing KVM channels or switching back after a Remote Desktop session. As such, I am ***VERY*** pleased with its performance to date.

And yes, this is my “daily driver” workstation. I clock in at least five hours of surfing a day on this unit, including

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RE[3]: Server market share?
by zima on Sat 10th Mar 2012 23:15 in reply to "RE[2]: Server market share?"
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I visit websites from a server.

Hm, no you don't. You visit them from a workstation (and the work-label might even be generous, for a “daily driver” browsing machine ;p ), as you call it yourself few times.
Components and operating system marketed for servers don't change that - it's not used as a server (http one for example, as mentioned by parent posters); in fact, Win2k3 is essentially the same OS as XP 64bit.

(and BTW if those are P4-based Xeons, like it sounds - by unloading on somebody "in need" such amount of ECC RAM / spare mobo / such late AGP card, you could possibly finance or almost finance something built around, say, current entry-level Celeron ...which would most likely give much better browsing performance, and significantly lower noise & power consumption)

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