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In the News I ran across a business news story about Yahoo's impending layoffs today, and if you're a deep-into-the-internet person like me, it certainly comes as no surprise to read yet again that Yahoo is on the skids. In fact, you're more likely to be surprised to learn that Yahoo has more than 14,000 employees and made something like $6 billion in revenue last year. Yahoo ceased to be relevant a long time ago, and even the Yahoo services that still get some love, like Flickr, seem to be tainted by association. But the question I asked myself when I read the article was, "why didn't Yahoo become a technology leader?"
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by earksiinni on Tue 6th Mar 2012 17:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by lucas_maximus"
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Thanks for mentioning these! I Google'd some of the products you mentioned and had no idea that Yahoo had so many dev tools.

This page is awesome:

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Yeah Yahoo's tools for front end development are very good IMHO. Their CSS reset is by far the best reset on the net that I have found IMHO and I prefer it to the Eric Meyers CSS Reset.

I have made some small mashups using Y-SQL for my own amusement (Google Maps + Flickr).

Their CSS framework is quite good, and the only one I find to be superior is YAML CSS framework.

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