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Windows As you may have seen, David's been taking care of OSNews for a few days because I'm quite busy with work. Still, there's one thing I'd like to talk about: the desktop mode in Windows 8. I wish I could've added this to the first impressions article, but I only arrived at this conclusion yesterday: desktop mode in Windows 8 is Microsoft's equivalent of Mac OS X's Classic mode.
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RE[2]: Metro
by Morgan on Wed 7th Mar 2012 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Metro"
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I don't exactly agree with you on this, but I modded you back up as there was nothing wrong with what you said. There does seem to be some serious Windows/Metro hate in this thread though.

I really don't like Metro on the desktop just yet. It's cool and flashy and familiar thanks to my phone and game console, but even on my relatively high resolution screen it feels like I'm on a kid's computer. The fonts, chrome and buttons are way too big. It actually looks clean and nice, but it's just too jumbo sized to be even close to efficient for me. It does suit the laptop just fine in other ways though; the speed increase alone was worth some broken stuff that I don't use anyway (i.e. Flash Player is broken in Metro IE but fine in Classic IE; I use Firefox and hate Flash so it's a non issue for me).

I really hope I'm not the only one who sees it this way, and that Microsoft takes note and attempts some realistic scaling for hi-res displays.

And I do hope you're right, that we end up with some great programmers who will write (or port) great software to Metro the right way. I have a feeling Windows 8 will never be my first choice on the desktop, but I could see a Windows 8 tablet in my future, sometime next year.

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