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Windows As you may have seen, David's been taking care of OSNews for a few days because I'm quite busy with work. Still, there's one thing I'd like to talk about: the desktop mode in Windows 8. I wish I could've added this to the first impressions article, but I only arrived at this conclusion yesterday: desktop mode in Windows 8 is Microsoft's equivalent of Mac OS X's Classic mode.
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Comment by calden
by calden on Wed 7th Mar 2012 16:28 UTC
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I was really excited about Windows 8 Metro, so much so I bought a tablet to run it. Samsung Series 7 Tablet, I got it on ebay for 700 bucks which was a steal. I'm not a big fan of Windows in general so the first thing I did was install Fedora 16. A Debian user I thought Gnome 3 would be a better tablet OS until Windows 8 was released. Well I'm loving it, a lot. Gnome 3 is the true professional tablet OS, so when Microsoft released it's consumer preview I of course installed it but new it would have big shoes to fill.

Windows 8 is a failure, like I said before I don't like the past versions of Windows, it's just to ugly and flimsy for my taste. Metro is great for a tablet, I want Metro and only Metro but with Windows 8 I'm forced to use both classic and Metro for the conceivable future. Not only do you have to use the classic desktop but you get bounced back and forth so much from Metro to classic, Metro to classic that I get a headache just thinking about it. It truly sucks and I don't see many people thinking that this is the best thing since sliced bread. I foresee Windows 7 being the defacto OS for Windows for at least another 3 years until Windows 9 is released. Hopefully by then we will get an all Metro system, then I'll upgrade.

Until then, very, very happy with Fedora 16 on my Samsung Tablet. Powerful, sexy, can run all the Windows programs threw Wine that I need like Photoshop and Office 10 with no problems.

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