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Windows And thus, Microsoft bites itself in its behind with Metro. As you all surely know by now, the Metro environment in Windows 8, and its accompanying applications, need to follow a relatively strict set of rules and regulations, much like, say, applications on iOS. For one type of application, Metro has already proven to be too restrictive and limited: web browsers. Microsoft has had to define a separate application class [.docx] - aside from Metro and desktop applications - just to make third party web browsers possible for Windows 8.
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RE[2]: Comment by ephracis
by ephracis on Mon 12th Mar 2012 21:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ephracis"
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Yeah, I know. That's the plan. But it would be cool if they'd let me do this "one version, two styles"-thing. Besides, what if I need to do heavy-duty stuff like FFT processing and hardware accelerated OpenGL for my visualizer plugin system (hint: I do)? Hope they'll let me, or the Metro version will be crippled.

Btw, what do you mean "integrate nicely with Twitter OS"?

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RE[3]: Comment by ephracis
by Moredhas on Mon 12th Mar 2012 21:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ephracis"
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Oh, I call Windows 8 "Twitter OS" because that's all it seems good for. Making posts on Twitter, sharing photos and stuff. I've been playing around with the consumer preview a bit, but because my Windows Live ID is Australian, and the consumer preview is US only, I can't access any of the online services. Pretty much all I can do is browse the web with it.

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