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Linux The open source community should feel a little safer from software patent attacks, writes InfoWorld's Simon Phipps. "The Open Invention Network, a consortium of Linux contributors formed as a self-defense against software patents, has extended the definition of Linux so that a whopping 700 new software packages are covered, including many developer favorites. Just one hitch: The new definition also includes carve-outs that put all Linux developers on notice that Phillips and Sony reserve the right to sue over virtualization, search, user interfaces, and more."
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RE[4]: How sincere
by moondevil on Tue 13th Mar 2012 10:52 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: How sincere"
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There are many, many more companies in Toyota's position (regarding the costs and profit opportunities of software development) than there are companies in a position similar to Microsoft, Apple and IBM.

There are many big companies that only take advantage of FLOSS without giving anything back.

I know of many such examples in Fortune 500 companies, thanks to the projects I take part on, even ones you would think are good ones, but which I am not allowed to speak due to NDAs.

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RE[5]: How sincere
by agb242 on Tue 13th Mar 2012 19:12 in reply to "RE[4]: How sincere"
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Well, you have a choice to not be a part of those companies or use their products. Pretty simple I think. Funny thing about the freedom to choose.

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