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Amiga & AROS Sure, we have AmigaOS and MorphOS, but those cost money and require special hardware. For those of us more interested in running an Amiga-like operating system on regular, x86 hardware, there's AROS. Two AROS distributions, Icaros Desktop and AspireOS both saw new releases recently.
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RE: Oh, how the world has changed
by neticspace on Tue 13th Mar 2012 13:56 UTC in reply to "Oh, how the world has changed"
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I just can't over the fact that a recreation of an ancient OS will probably be able to display HTML5 (not even a finished standard) before it can print

....and that is even what people are now expecting

AmigaOS and its influences were never ancient. It kept on developing despite numerous hardships.

Kudos to AmigaOS and Icaros!

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"Ancient" basically just denotes time... AROS is, to be sure, by far the most sane of those (directly) AmigaOS-influenced efforts, but that influence is fairly ancient, as far as timeline of home computing goes.

And yeah, about that "kept on developing" ...still no memory protection (hence also, sort of, no proper multitasking, just the not-quite-one that depends on well-behaving apps, where any program can essentially take over).
A decade more till it comes? Two decades? Will by then all of ~Amiga application development be just porting OSS stuff from the ~PC?

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