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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A big day today for 20 million Android users out there: Samsung has started the process of updating the Galaxy SII to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly, only a few European countries and South Korea will get it this week, although you can flash the official ROM yourself if you so desire (like I did today). Sadlier sadly, its TouchWiz is virtually identical to that of Gingerbread. Update: This is what HTC is doing to Ice Cream Sandwich. And I thought TouchWiz was bad. Please... Just - stop. Stop it. Stop doing this. Go away.
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Truely sad
by unoengborg on Tue 13th Mar 2012 23:32 UTC
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Samsung have thrown almost all Google efforts to improve the Android GUI out the window, and what's worse they are not alone. HTC also tries hold on to old look and feel in their new Sense 4 for their ICS update.

Many people complain that custom manufacturer specific interfaces delay the release of new Android versions, but from what we see from these Samsung and HTC updates, the effect may be even worse. They remove improvements in the GUI introduced by Google to be able to keep their old look and feel.

If it only were minor changes it would be OK, but when menus, taskhandlers, and notifications look very different it will create problems for developers that try to create well integrated apps.

If I was a Samsung SII owner I would definitively go for some custom ROM that is more true to the vanilla ICS look.

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RE: Truely sad
by patrix on Wed 14th Mar 2012 00:41 in reply to "Truely sad"
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so let's say you don't read tech blogs and have no idea what ICS is, what stock ICS looks like, what Google released on the Nexus phones.. You use your Galaxy S II with TouchWiz, and the next day you get an update.

Everything changed colors, look, nothing is the same as before.

You'd be royally pissed off. Confused, Wouldn't know where things are or why Samsung ruined your phone.

That's probably why we'll see a more ICS look in the NEW phones coming out and not in the current phones being upgraded.

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RE[2]: Truely sad
by blitze on Wed 14th Mar 2012 07:28 in reply to "RE: Truely sad"
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Well, it's what Nokia did with Symbian Belle. Completely changed the interaction of the mobile OS with new menu structure and apps and desktop.

For my wife, it was a change but she has adjusted and I think the OS has vastly improved over previous implementations of Symbian OS on her N7. Takes a brave manufacturer to implement change for the better. If there is a problem, then the manufacturer can stress it as an optional update not a necessary update.

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