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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Netflix talks about what it's like developing and testing their Android application. Biggest surprise? They pay specific attention to making sure the applications runs well on popular custom ROMs such as CyaogenMod. Pretty awesome. Now, if only Samsung, HTC, and so on, could do so as well.
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by gan17 on Thu 15th Mar 2012 02:29 UTC
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Would be cool if we got a handset manufacturer who would release a device with CyanogenMod instead of stock/reskinned Android one of these days.

Just one decently specified phone a year, coinciding with CM releases. Full compatibility, no skinning, no carrier bloatware, possibly even an app for the (rumored) upcoming CyanogenMod Store included.

Of course, Google could always f*ck it up for them by not releasing source code like they did with Honeycomb.

Oh, I suppose a phone that comes with CyanogenMod wouldn't qualify for "Google certified device" status... or would it?

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RE: CyanogenPhone?
by dnebdal on Thu 15th Mar 2012 12:44 in reply to "CyanogenPhone?"
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If the device makers can get their own mods certified, why not cyanogen? The underlying software isn't further away from stock than most of those, so I imagine all it would take would be for someone to put a specific release through the process.

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