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Linux "If you follow Arch Planet, you may have already heard the news that we are celebrating a decade of existence, with the release of 0.1 Homer on March 11, 2002. If you haven't already, grab some birthday cake and head over to Arch Planet to read several developers chronologies and wonderful words of praise for Arch Linux. There is also a brief article from The H Open Source as well as discussion on Reddit. With good fortune and a little luck, hopefully we'll be around to celebrate another 10 years!" Happy decade, Arch! My water cooker just pinged, so I'll drink the next cup of tea in Arch' honour.
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RE[3]: That long already?
by Valhalla on Thu 15th Mar 2012 23:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: That long already?"
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Depends on what you're comparing it to really. It's definitely a handy expedient vs manually compiling, but it's certainly no FreeBSD Ports or NetBSD pkg-src consistency wise.

Well, I pretty much compare the standard repositories (Core, Community, Extra etc) to FreeBSD ports since you can easily build the packages from source using ABS. It's very seldom that I need to venture outside the 'official' repositories and turn to AUR in order to get a package (pretty much only happens if I want a bleeding edge development version of something).

My BSD experience is very much lacking though so maybe it's not an apt comparison.

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