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Apple "Yesterday Apple launched iPhoto, its photo management app, for the iPad and iPhone... And we're rather pleased to find they're the latest to switch to OpenStreetMap. [...] The OSM data that Apple is using is rather old (start of April 2010) so don't expect to see your latest and greatest updates on there. It's also missing the necessary credit to OpenStreetMap's contributors; we look forward to working with Apple to get that on there." Pretty ironic coming from a company suing the living daylights out of everyone over rounded corners and bouncy-scroll effects, but alas, I'm sure there's some construed justification coming up from the usual suspects.
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by zima on Thu 15th Mar 2012 23:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ."
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Ah yes, THEY, it's all because of THEM...

PEOPLE form multinational corporations. The PEOPLE are their largest shareholders (retirement funds, interest rates of savings, and so on) & most interested in maximum returns.
They are expression of OUR ways and desires (just made possible now on such scale by easier transport, communication, etc.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're not doing the boycotting yourself... (what do you use to read and write these comments? Or, going into basics - from where your clothes and food, warmth (energy), or transportation come from?)

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