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In the News While there are some upsides to closed application stores like the App Store, they're not a universally good thing. The story of Bryan Lunduke is an example of what happens when you depend on a company, but a company does not depend on you.
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What other option is there?
by MacTO on Fri 16th Mar 2012 10:35 UTC
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The Android and iOS ecosystems are a bit different since Android developers have multiple app stores and can always host their apps on their own website. An Android developer losing access to a particular app store may represent a huge drop in revenue, but it ain't a complete write-off.

But let's flip over to the iOS end, where the obvious question is: how can developers escape from a dependence upon Apple? After all, there are not any other markets and they cannot sell their product from their own website. So they can only prepare for disaster by saving up for rainy days, developing for multiple platforms, or having a second job. The first option is only an option if their revenues are high enough to bank money. The second option is only an option if there is enough demand on other platforms to justify the expense of multi-platform support (remember, iOS and Android use different APIs and languages thus they will probably require additional programmers). Option three basically says that you are best off securing a more stable job and forgetting about software development, which isn't in the user's or developer's interest.

To make a long story short: Apple NEEDS to care. Not only do they need developers to make Apple products better, but the developers are giving Apple a pretty good chunk of their revenues whenever their product sells. 30% may be small in comparison to most retail outlets, but keep the following things in mind: Apple only pays for goods sold (the only other industry that seems to do that is book publishing) and Apple doesn't have brick and mortar expenses. So that commission to Apple should be dedicated to providing developers with quality service.

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