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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Netflix talks about what it's like developing and testing their Android application. Biggest surprise? They pay specific attention to making sure the applications runs well on popular custom ROMs such as CyaogenMod. Pretty awesome. Now, if only Samsung, HTC, and so on, could do so as well.
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RE: If Netflix can do it
by tantalic on Sun 18th Mar 2012 16:30 UTC in reply to "If Netflix can do it"
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Netflix is a very different company then most software companies. They charge a monthly fee for access to content which is higher then most consumers are willing to pay to own even a great mobile app for their lifetime. Very few commercial software companies are not brining in $800 million a quarter. High quality software shops are much closer to "the individual guy" then most people realize and are far from the scale of Netflix.

It all comes down to simple economics. If the expense to support any platform cannot be justified by the income from that platform then a company can't afford to support it. For many software companies Android falls into this category. Until sales of Android software rise this is going to be the case.

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