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In the News "This American Life has retracted an episode that focused on working conditions inside a Foxconn iPad factory, calling the source material 'partially fabricated'. The episode - the most popular in TAL history with nearly a million streams - was partially based on the work of artist Mike Daisey, who apparently lied to fact-checkers about his experiences visiting Foxconn's facility. Some of the lies were discovered during an interview with Daisey's Chinese translator, who disputed the facts presented in his show and on the air."
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RE[3]: Comment by ilovebeer
by Kivada on Sun 18th Mar 2012 16:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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Your fanboism is showing mate, take it from me, I've been an Apple lover since the IIe, but the Apple of today isn't the company I remember.

Apple has the pull to force Foxconn to improve their working conditions and pay, but they don't as they'd rather just pocket the excess profits in massive executive bonuses. You didn't see these kinds of situations back when the US economy was booming, the reason is simple, back when things where made in the US we had a very high marginal top marginal tax rate which caused the executives to not take the companies profits for themselves but to invest that money into expanding their company and strong employee unions that forced non union companies to at least come close to matching pay and working conditions in their shops by setting the bar so high at the companies they where at, if the US government hadn't started slashing top tax rates and union busting we where on track to have a 4 day work week by the 90's.

Now you may ask, WTF does that have to do with China? Well it has everything to do with China, in our current state of affairs china is the world's dumping ground for slave labor, sure the average quality of life in China has increased due to this, but it's nowhere near what it should be as the increase is due to the fact that they had a surplus of people and a shortage of jobs, in that situation any job is an improvement to your quality of life, but unless the Chinese government steps in somewhere this will plateau, especially if we in the west keep taking these economic hits we eventually wont be able to buy iPads anymore and the Chinese will essentially be back where they started.

If I had to guess though, the Chinese government, not being stupid realizes that they have the ability to crush the world if they can build out their infrastructure and and with it their economy, they already have all the factories and tech on the planet, it wouldn't be too hard to strong arm the rest or the world into what they want with a trade war in the next few years, they only need to be built out to the point that the Chinese people can keep their own economy afloat while they hammer the rest of the world's economies harder then they currently do.

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