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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This past week and this weekend I've finally found the time to enter into the colorful world of custom Android ROMs. After figuring out just how insanely great and awesome ClockWorkMod Recovery is, I set about to figure out what the best Ice Cream Sandwich ROM is for the Galaxy SII. While the answer to that question became clear quite quickly, this answer also gave rise to a whole bunch of other questions.
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Comment by agnus
by agnus on Sun 18th Mar 2012 22:55 UTC
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"Differentiate with hardware instead."

That does not make sence from the manufacturer point of view. When you are Samsung you want your clients to interface with "Samsung" not "Google". Especially on touch screen devices, software is the king. If you depend on the stock "Google" interface you make your self vulnerable to competitors with higher manufacturing capacity willing to undercut you at the price level.

There is a reason why Apple is able to command such a high premium for their devices. It is the same reason Microsoft is thriving while PC hardware manufacturers are struggling.

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RE: Comment by agnus
by JAlexoid on Mon 19th Mar 2012 01:16 in reply to "Comment by agnus"
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I agree that it's their interest to keep their devices as much their own as possible.
Here, however, Samsung did not build on advancements over ICS. They did build on advancements in Honeycomb. Their TouchWiz is built over 1.x and 2.x style, like it or not. However Samsung's ICS ROM brings nothing from ICS. I just hope they will pick it up with later updates.

By now, I am rooting for Sony. Xperia S looks very nice and has a style that "clicks" with ICS.

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RE: Comment by agnus
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 19th Mar 2012 04:06 in reply to "Comment by agnus"
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Differentiating by hardware *does* make sense for samsung, they are the largest manufacturers of OLED screens. The software they change to differentiate themselves makes their products worse, not better. This leaves them open to getting killed by another manufacturer that doesn't do anything else other than ship stock android. In the end they might all be screwed like the pc manufacturers, but making your product crappier than everyone elses just makes you into this generations packard bell.

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RE[2]: Comment by agnus
by dsmogor on Mon 19th Mar 2012 09:58 in reply to "RE: Comment by agnus"
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Still they and even more intrusive HTC are the kings of Android, not Asus nor Acer nor Lenovo.
They know that without a software expertise they will not matter in the future. Too bad their aims and schedules are not aligned with Googles. Getting GSIII ready must suck most resources hence poor quality of ICS upgrades.
This actually makes the fact that the Note's update have been pushed back more comforting.

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