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Legal Notorious competition law offender Microsoft has asked the EU's competition department to look into Motorola's behavior regarding patent licences vital for h.264 video. Microsoft complains that Motorola doesn't play by the usual rules and wants to decide by itself how much they want to charge for patents it owns. According to Microsoft, acceptable behavior for patent owners is to licence patens vital for industry standards at rates of single-digits-cents per device and ask for double-digits-cent amounts only for patents not necessary for implementing such standards. Since according to Microsoft's complaints at least some of the patents abused that way are related to h.264 video encoding/decoding, one has to wonder how much MPEG LA's ensurance of patent safety is now worth.
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It's always nicer to make others eat crap, than to be forced to eat it. And as always, in these circles, winning doesn't just mean to be sure you win, it's also about making sure the other looses. MS has always taken very badly when anyone wanted to treat them as they treat everyone else.

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If I was a judge, I'd laugh them out of court!

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