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Legal Some people (you know who) predicted the Oracle-Google lawsuit would spell doom for Google and Android. Well, turns out this was all a huge fuss over nothing. Oracle's damages claim started at an idiotic $6 billion - but the final claim is less than $100 million. Oracle's patent trolling is turning into a huge failure of epic proportions.
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On the loosing trail
by siki_miki on Tue 20th Mar 2012 23:22 UTC
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Not only damages, but the number of valid Sun/Oracle patents was heavily slashed, so the remaining _one_ will probably be worked around even if they win.
What's left for them is copyright part, on which they will most likely loose because there is a general consensus that API's aren't copyrightable. So the injuction is now very unlikely.

Larry didn't deserve better over all the damage he had done. And even if the pre-acquisition Sun sued, Google only reused the familiar language and not much else. Sole reason why this lawsuit exists is because they didn't fork the GPL+classpath version of Java, but used a Harmony implementation and built a custom VM - one thing on which Sun had a lot of IP (but also with a lot of prior art). Sun anyway opted for a Java "giveaway" with GPL-ed version and technically Google was able to build a version of Android based on it, and be protected from both patent and copyright claims.

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