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Legal Some people (you know who) predicted the Oracle-Google lawsuit would spell doom for Google and Android. Well, turns out this was all a huge fuss over nothing. Oracle's damages claim started at an idiotic $6 billion - but the final claim is less than $100 million. Oracle's patent trolling is turning into a huge failure of epic proportions.
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Patent wars
by acobar on Wed 21st Mar 2012 01:12 UTC
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I wonder how many MS patents would be invalidated had the companies they extorted opted to a courtroom battle. But I understand that having MS the market dominance they have on desktops, it would be counterproductive to risk lose the benefits associated to MS license discounts.

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RE: Patent wars
by fretinator on Wed 21st Mar 2012 14:18 in reply to "Patent wars"
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Not to mention, most companies wouldn't even have the cash to withstand a court battle against Microsoft. That's the main reason people go along with the extortion - they have no choice. They have to pay up, or close up shop. Only companies like Google can stand up against a company the size of Oracle.

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RE[2]: Patent wars
by Digsbo on Wed 21st Mar 2012 14:33 in reply to "RE: Patent wars"
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And more, what is the cost of shelved or delayed product development efforts that are put on hold during court proceeding? This "interference effect" in a company's operations can cause significant reductions in output and ability to bring new ideas to market. Even a failed lawsuit against a company that can afford to fight it might delay a product launch by six months or more, which in many cases could kill the business case to launch the product at all.

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