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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I'm currently reading Jerry Kaplan's excellent book "Startup: a Silicon Valley adventure". In this book, Kaplan, founder and CEO of GO Corp., details the founding, financing and eventual demise of his highly innovative company, including the development and workings of their product. What's so surprising about this book is just how timeless it really is - the names and products may have changed, but the business practices and company attitudes surely haven't.
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RE: Innovation and Apple
by kwan_e on Sat 24th Mar 2012 01:48 UTC in reply to "Innovation and Apple"
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The criticism that Apple 'steals' ideas is unwarranted. Everyone builds on ideas from others, but not everyone can start with a concept and build a coherent product.

If you think about it, "stealing" is kind of what Apple IS doing.

In the current copyright battle, there is the argument that copyright infringement is not the same as stealing a physical disk or book or a car because you haven't deprived someone else of one less of that product.

Apple, however borrows ideas, then tries to PREVENT others from using the same idea through Community Design patents and many other design patents. In effect, they take an idea, then they try (and seem to be succeeding) deprive others the ability to use that idea. That's a good case for it being stealing, rather than just borrowing.

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