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Games As I made very clear in my thorough review of Mass Effect 2, I'm a huge BioWare fan. This relationship got very, very cloudy when BioWare released Dragon Age II, a rush job with no story and atrocious gameplay. Mass Effect 3 looked like redemption - until I hit the terrible, terrible ending. The criticism of the ending has been so immense and consistent, BioWare is contemplating changing it. Of course, this story is riddled with spoilers, so be warned.
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RE[3]: Mass Effect is terrible
by Yagami on Sat 24th Mar 2012 05:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mass Effect is terrible"
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"All of the true fans know that the games core is truly beautiful, I can't give you a thumbs down for that is your own opinion, but here's my challenge to you; pick up Mass Effect 2, and then tell me whether or not you were able to put the controller down.

I might try it, but let me ask you something. If you removed ALL of the story beats such that the game just consisted of gameplay without any cut scenes or dialog wheels, would you still bother to play it?

I'm not asking if the game would still be as good without the story, as of course it wouldn't. Just like a good game is made BETTER with good graphics, that is also true of a good story, but a bad game with good graphics is still a bad game...

I'm just asking if the gameplay is good enough to stand on its own. In other words, without considering the story, is there even a reason why somebody should play this?

Yes ! Actually i rather liked playing the game, the actual gameplay.

The core gameplay is very good for me ( different amo / power / weapon , cover ).

Also the amount of different "worlds/ambient" makes it great,refreshing to play.

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