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Internet & Networking "The Pirate Bay is not only the most visited BitTorrent site on the Internet, but arguably the most censored too. Many ISPs have been ordered to block their customers’ access to the website, and recently Microsoft joined in on the action by stopping people sharing its location with others. Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger now refuses to pass on links to The Pirate Bay website, claiming they are unsafe." They refuse links to The Pirate Bay. In that light, here are a bunch of completely and utterly useless links to The Pirate Bay. And some more. And then some. Update: We have some more links to The Pirate Bay.
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RE: NON OS news Just Theft news
by saso on Sat 24th Mar 2012 23:05 UTC in reply to "NON OS news Just Theft news"
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Obvious troll is obvious...

Seriously though, I have no problem with copyright infringement in our current legal climate (and I say so as an ISV myself). If copyright served the purpose it was supposed to, fine, then I might agree with you. But given the current state of law (where you can never ever ever do anything with the content you bought for the next gazillion years) and how big media corps use it to strong arm small producers and consumers to their will, I will happily and without a single afterthought or nibble of my conscience pirate whatever content is produced by big content that is laden with DRM, restrictions and a myriad of other ways in which they try to screw the rest of us over. Meanwhile, I happily contribute to small producers through non-retail channels (either through direct donations, or via indie projects, e.g. Humble Bundle).

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