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Editorial My previous article analyzed some tech companies and their prospects: Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Oracle, Apple, and Google. This article discusses IBM, Amazon, Yahoo!, Cisco, and BMC Software. The goal is to spark a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Do they have viable strategies for the future?
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Comment by cyrilleberger
by cyrilleberger on Tue 27th Mar 2012 10:18 UTC
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As usual... All depends how you want to gamble. If you want to be reasonably sure to make some money, but want to be reasonably sure to not lose too much, then you go for IBM and Amazon, outside of economical crisis, you will get a steady increase, and perceive a yearly dividend. But then frankly, you will be better by buying from an investment fund which will have the capacity to be diversified.

If you want to take a high risk, and accept a high chance of lost, then you can go for the small startup (BMC), the company that might be recovered (Cisco) or the one that might be bought (Yahoo).

At the end, the real question is always how much you want to risk your money, and how badly you want to make a lot of money.

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RE: Comment by cyrilleberger
by bitwelder on Tue 27th Mar 2012 10:54 in reply to "Comment by cyrilleberger"
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you can go for the small startup (BMC)

Sorry, which BMC are you talking about?
The one BMC I know, BMC Software according to wikipedia has been founded in 1980 and it has revenues for almost 2 Billion US$, so it doesn't seem to me neither small, nor a startup.

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