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Legal "Linus Torvalds just can't help but be a thorn in Microsoft's side. First, he created an open source project that completely upset Microsoft's business model. And now, he has helped shoot down an important Microsoft patent in Redmond's crusade to wring licensing dollars out of Google Android and other versions of Linux."
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RE[6]: Not so fast
by lucas_maximus on Wed 28th Mar 2012 07:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Not so fast"
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If you happen to use XFCE and XFCE apps it is consistent.

And as everything being not consistent on Windows o'rly ...

HMM lots of common UI between applications.

Up until the release of 8 the Windows UI has worked exactly the same as it did from Windows 95 with some minor changes in 7 with the taskbar.

If AV programs and the new Metro interface is all you can really bring up than tbh you are just grabbing the lowest hanging fruit.

Even if the UI was the problem (It isn't).

There are soo many damn forks of what is exactly the same thing. Sooo many other problems and most of the development money is being put into server not the desktop.

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RE[7]: Not so fast
by einr on Wed 28th Mar 2012 07:34 in reply to "RE[6]: Not so fast"
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Right in that screenshot: why does Task Manager have a different menu bar than Visual Studio, to begin with? What's with the orange Firefox menu in the top left; what guidelines of anything ever does THAT conform to?

I'd adress some other things, particularly with Visual Studio, but what you've taken a picture of is close to a best-case scenario so I'm not going to bother. Instead, I'm going to play your game and pull up some other common apps:

Let's see what we have here:
* Security Essentials draws its own UI that looks like... I don't even know.
* Outlook draws not only its own widgets that do not conform to the system theme, but even its own title bar and close/minimize/maximize buttons
* So does Photoshop (whose UI is a mess of Flash and other non-compliant random stuff that looks more like Mac OS 7 than anything)
* The standard colour picker is still identical to the one in Windows 3.0 (1989) -- note the font. MS Sans Serif.
* Log viewer has toolbars and XP-style icons & layout. And where do these gradients come from exactly?
* Paint has ribbons that do not honour system colour/style settings
* You can have fun counting the number of different UI fonts used if you want! I spot at least Segoe UI, MS Sans Serif, Tahoma, and that Adobe UI font. Can you find more?!

This is a MESS. It looks like GARBAGE.

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RE[8]: Not so fast
by lucas_maximus on Wed 28th Mar 2012 09:03 in reply to "RE[7]: Not so fast"
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And you have chosen the worst examples. I choose 4 different programs from 4 different devs that all pretty look to me about the same and have similar UI concepts.

The orange icon on firefox, really that is a complaint? You got the crap outlook theme from 2007 loaded (Word btw looks amazing). And PhotoShop ... Oh comon.

You are using Office 2007, Office 2010 fits perfectly in with Windows 7 theme.

Your only argument is the colours, not the fact that there are many of the same UI paradigms with the same look and feel across applications.

If you use on Linux GTK apps with XFCE, things looks good. If you have a dark theme, Eclipse looks like arse and pretty much anything that isn't GTK, because it won't pick up your theme. Which is basically the complaint you are making about Windows.

Then with pretty much every GTK and QT app there is this weird mouse feedback when clicking anything (you need to be much more precise than on Windows), that I can't really put my finger on that feels pretty odd.

Lets not pretend that from my original post all the other points still stand.

This is what pisses me off about Linux supporters, the dodge themeing on Windows is one of the very few problems of the OS (if it is a problem at all).

However most of the problems with Linux can be found throughout the system and is confounded by the almost limitless choice.

The only places Linux is anygood is on embedded and server. The latter because it doesn't pretend not to be unix and the former because it completely hides the underlying OS much like MacOSX/iOS hides the fact that it is still unix.

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RE[8]: Not so fast
by tuma324 on Wed 28th Mar 2012 17:43 in reply to "RE[7]: Not so fast"
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I read Wayland prefers client side decorations.

Won't Linux have this problem when Wayland is adopted? (applications choosing how they want to look).

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