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Hardware, Embedded Systems For years and years now (since the first G4 iBooks), whenever someone asked me for advice about what laptop to buy, my standard answer was simple: get an Apple laptop. Doesn't matter which one. Apple was so far ahead of the competition it just wasn't funny anymore. This past weekend, though, marked the end of an era for me: for the first time, I advised someone to get an Asus ZenBook instead.
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My first laptop
by snowbender on Wed 28th Mar 2012 20:31 UTC
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My first laptop was an iBook G3, 10". It was really the perfect laptop for me. It was one of the cheapest laptops on the market (bought it in Taiwan though, where it was considerably cheaper than in Europe). It was small and fairly light: it had to be easy to carry around with me. It did come with an internal cd drive (which I considered important, I didn't want to drag around external drives). The battery life was also pretty good: the battery lasted for 4-5 hours. It had a keyboard that was really pleasant to type on. And finally, it was one of the best laptops to run linux on!

About that last point: that was back in 2003. The linux support for that laptop was just excellent back then: it had working wireless, it had a free graphics driver with 3d acceleration, it came with out of the box support for sleep.

It was also the start of Mac OSX and I wanted to try that too. In the end though, I used it 95% of the time with linux. I just never got into OSX.

Sadly though, the laptop had hardware problems, which Apple luckily in the end admitted as being construction problems. I had to hand my G3 in several times for having it fixed and in the end Apple gave me a new iBook G4, 10". That G4 is still alive and I still use it to this day. It runs only linux (Debian testing). It has its ram maxed out to 1.5 gb, and I replaced its harddisk with a bigger, faster model. It's still very usable.

I often think about that laptop (the G4, but also the G3 from 2003) as it being a "netbook" before it was hot and actually called netbook.

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